What Gifts Make Girls Happy On Their First Date? Read These 10 Tips

This is a common question. Most of the young men have this question in their mind - what gift to give the girl, will make her happy. In buying these gifts, many raise money in dangerous ways. One word answer to the question of what gifts girls like - expensive but completely unnecessary things.

Interestingly, the girl who goes on the first date with you doesn't expect a gift from you at all. Giving her a gift on the first date means showing some kind of vulnerability. Don't forget to give a gift on the first date. For gift giving, there is plenty of time in the future.

A girl only wants one thing from you on a first date. That is - surprise. You will do something, show something, which the girl could not have guessed in advance. This is a surprise for him. Please, don't try to impress by doing anything dangerous.

I taught everything. Now let's teach the surprise.

On the first date, people usually go to cafes, restaurants, etc. Before the scheduled time, go to that cafe, get to know the manager, water etc. Hide a waterer by hand, under a table, with 5-10 rose tapes. Look, recognize, memorize every corner of that cafe.

There is only one reason for these preparations. That is - the place should not be new to you. If the place is familiar, your gestures will exude a confidence. Girls love this confidence. At the appointed time, the girl will actually, you will take her directly to your appointed table without giving her a chance to find a table. In this way a kind of dominance is revealed. Girls love such mild dominance.

As soon as the two sit down at that table, Water passes two glasses of juice. He had already taught Water to give juice before giving any order. Next, talk about timing. Give the menu to the girl, ask her to choose the food. Now the girl will determine her food, your food all by herself. Allow him freedom and dominance. Even if he orders a dish you don't like, you force yourself to eat it.

While talking, occasionally take out a flower from the hidden under the table and hand it to her. Do not remove all the flowers at once. Extend the surprise by pulling out one flower at a time.

What will you talk about? Find out all the unnecessary words in the world that day. And listen carefully to the girl's unnecessary words sometimes. Intersperse these unnecessary words and tell a short interesting story. Remember, the end of the story cannot be told. Like Bersik, at a crucial point, stop telling the story, make an excuse, and get out of there quickly. An incomplete story will guarantee a second date with that girl.
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