What is a partial lunar eclipse called?

If you want to know the total lunar eclipse, first you need to know about the lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun. Earth then shuts off the source of light resulting in a lunar eclipse. During a lunar eclipse we see the shadow of the earth on the back of the moon. According to an IAS training manual, the appearance of a solar eclipse depends on the geographical location of the observer.

But the opposite happens in case of lunar eclipse. This eclipse can be seen from any part of the world. If the moon rises above the horizon during an eclipse. The different phases of the eclipse in a solar eclipse depend on the viewer. It doesn't matter where you are in lunar eclipse according to its geographical location. The stages of reception from all places are seen in the same way.

What is a partial lunar eclipse called?

There are three types of lunar eclipse namely:

1. Total lunar eclipse
2. Partial lunar eclipse
3. Penumbra lunar eclipse

Today we will know about Khandgras lunar eclipse.

Partial lunar eclipse

The moon is also eclipsed. When a part of the moon is covered by the shadow of the earth.
It depends on how much the Earth is engulfing the Moon. Depending on whether it is dark red or rust color or the wood is charcoal colored shade. In the part covered by the shadow of the moon.

When the earth's shadow falls on the moon. At that time, we see it because it is light and dark somewhere. During a lunar eclipse, the earth is between the moon and the sun. As a result, the moon enters the dark part of the earth or the shadow of the earth covers the moon completely or partially.

NASA says total lunar eclipses are rare, but partial lunar eclipses happen at least twice a year.
It is expected that the next total lunar eclipse will be seen in 2022. 28 to 29 October 2022. And it can be seen from most parts of the world. All over Asia, Africa and Europe and from Australia and some parts of North and South America. Hope everyone will see.
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