Tips and Tricks How to Anti-Slow Android Smartphone

In this day and age, smartphones can no longer be said to be a luxury item that only a few people can have.

It can be said that almost everyone can have it, and there are various types of mobile phone series at a fairly affordable price . But if it is not cared for properly over time, the smartphone's performance will slow down or become sluggish.

Having a smart phone, but it's slow, of course, will be one of the emotional triggers. When the smartphone that we have suddenly becomes very slow or slow even though it is in a state of great need and urgency.

Of course it will make you very uncomfortable, of course, because activities that should be easy to do take quite a long time.

But take it easy because there are several ways to prevent Android from being slow or slow. No need to spend a lot of time, here are the causes and some tips that you can do yourself at home so that your smartphone is not slow.

The causes of Android being slow Here are the causes:

  • Too Much Storage Capacity
    Can be caused by smartphone RAM that has exceeded the capacity limit. In addition, Android smartphones can become slow due to opening too many applications.
  • Decreased
    Battery A battery that has decreased in quality performance can also affect the performance of an Android smartphone. So it's also very important to take care of battery life by not leaving it on the charger for too long.
  • Too Much Data in Internal Memory The
    speed of internal memory will decrease as more and more data is stored, that data can be photos, videos, files and applications that have not been deleted for years.
  • FlashStorage Degradation
    of RAM and FlashStorage memory can also experience a decline like a battery.
    This cause can be due to the activity of writing and deleting data that can reduce its performance. It can also make the slow effect even bigger.
  • Inappropriate Operating System Update
    Performing an operating system update is very important because it can affect performance improvements.
    there are some tips and tricks that you can do to make your Android smartphone lighter and faster.

Some ways to overcome so that Android smartphones are not slow, how to overcome them:

1. Delete unused apps

By deleting unused applications, is one way to overcome a slow Android smartphone. Because smart phones with many applications can make memory storage space full, because unused applications can consume memory and make the smartphone slow.

2. Update the application system

This method can be done to prevent Android smartphones from being slow in performance, you can update the operating system. Because this method is quite easy, you can enter the settings menu then open About Phone , select Software > Update , then click check for updates, make sure you update the Android OS to the latest version.

3. Restart the phone periodically

This method is to improve performance, by doing a reset or factory reset it can clean the data on the smartphone, this step can make the smartphone work faster.

4. Stop battery-consuming apps

The way to deal with a slow Android smartphone is to stop applications that can make the smartphone battery wasteful. The use of applications on smartphones can be seen in the settings or storage usage section, but if you find large data you should delete the cache data of the application.

5. Use multipurpose apps

To overcome a cellphone that is starting to decrease in performance, you can use a versatile application. A versatile application that will help you detect the cause of a slow phone.

"Once you know about the causes that make your smartphone slow, of course you can always pay attention to it so that your smartphone is always in good condition."

And don't forget to do how to prevent Android from being slow or slow  and so that it is always light and fast, that method is also very easy to do yourself at home.

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