Revised Motor Vehicle Act to come into effect from 1st September

Revised Motor Vehicle Act to come into force from 1st September: The amended Motor Vehicles Act will come into effect from September 1. According to this law, the amount of monetary penalty should be multiplied several times in case of violation of traffic rules. Let's take a look at all the changes brought in by Section 63 of the Act:-
 1. According to the amended law, the penalty for failing to leave an emergency service vehicle from the road has been increased to Tk 10,000. Earlier this fine amount was 2 thousand rupees.
 2. An unqualified driver can be fined up to Tk 10,000 for driving.
 3. Driving under the influence of alcohol can result in a fine of 10,000 rupees.
 4. The penalty for driving while talking on a mobile phone is Rs 5,000. Earlier in this case the fine was 1000 taka.
5. If you drive without obeying the red signal at the crossing, the fine is 3 thousand taka. Earlier it was 500 rupees.
6. If the vehicle does not obey the upper limit of speed, the fine is 1-2 thousand taka. Earlier this fine was 400 rupees.
7. Fines for underage driving have also increased. In this case, the car owner has been fined 25 thousand taka.
8. Penalty for driving without driving license is 5000 taka.
9. A fine of Tk 2,000 if you go out on the road without keeping the certified copy of the insurance document in the car.
10. A fine of 1000 taka for driving without seat belt.
11. Overloading the vehicle is fined up to Tk 20,000.
12. Two-wheeler (motor bike, scooty) riders who do not wear helmets have been fined Rs 1,000.
13. If you disobey the instructions of the authority, the minimum fine is 2 thousand rupees.
14. On the other hand, if the license policy is not followed, the maximum fine is up to one lakh rupees. Three years of imprisonment can be imposed at the same time.
 Incidentally, the compensation has been increased to Rs 5 lakh in case of accident.
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