What can be taken as a profession if you read law?

What can be taken as a profession if you read law? If someone asks this question, instead of an answer, there will be a counter question - 'What can.।
What can be taken as a profession if you read law? If someone asks this question, instead of an answer, there will be a counter question - 'What can do by reading the law? The inevitable question that law students in Bangladesh have to face in their family and society is - 'Should I study law to become a liar?'

That is, most of the people assume that there is no change except reading 'law' as 'lawyer' or in their language being liar (liar). But they don't really know how wide and varied the career scope of a law student is!

By passing the law you can become anything related to the law or outside the law. Even if one does not want to become a lawyer after studying law, the world of public and private jobs is open for him. Another interesting thing about studying law is that you get to work in all sectors including health, engineering, IT. Law students can pursue a career in the legal sector, either as a consultant or as a consultant in all types of companies, large and small.

1/ BJS Cadre (Judge or Magistrate)
BJS exam is similar to BCS. As the judiciary became independent in 2007, currently judges or magistrates are appointed through BJS or 'Bangladesh Judicial Service Commission'. Salary, powers and other benefits of BJS cadres are about 30% higher than BCS cadres. The opportunity to get appointed to this post is reserved for law graduates only.

2/ BCS Cadre
Just like students from other departments after passing out from Law, you can get appointed as a first class gazetted officer in all cadres of BCS like Foreign Service, Administration, Police, Custom, Ansar etc. All non-technical cadres. There are many examples of getting appointed to different cadres of BCS by bypassing the law. It is possible to take part in both BCS and BJS cadre exams by reading only one law!

3/ Teaching
With good academic results, one gets an opportunity to join law departments of public and private universities as law teachers with high salary. Due to the plethora of career options available to law graduates, there is a shortage of qualified teachers in law departments of private universities. The demand in this sector is so high that many private universities book qualified law candidates with 'advance appointment letters' even before Masters results are released if they do well in Hons!

5/ Army, Navy, Air Force
A law student can join the 'Judge-Advocate General' (JAG Core) Corps in the Army, Navy or Air Force as a Lieutenant, Sub-Lieutenant, Flying Officer in the rank of Commissioned Officer. Their work is about martial law-courts and military justice. This opportunity is only for law students!

6/ Banks, insurance, companies, industries and financial institutions
Anyone can join a bank, insurance or financial institution as a probationary officer even after passing out from law like Bengali, English, Economics or other subjects. Currently there is no bank, insurance, company, industry and financial institution in Bangladesh which does not have a 'Legal Division'. In addition to applying as a general officer in banking, companies and industrial organizations, the extra opportunity to get appointed as a law officer is reserved only for law degree holders!

In addition to applying for the post of 'Assistant Director (General Side)' of Bangladesh Bank along with students from other departments, law degree holders get a separate opportunity to get appointed to the post of 'Assistant Director (Legal Side). All these institutions again employ experienced and skilled practicing lawyers as 'Panel Lawyers' on contractual basis. This is another added opportunity for lawyers. One of the main reasons why most lawyers are based in Dhaka is the opportunity to become a retainer or panel lawyer in various companies.

7/ National and Multi National Companies
Law students can apply along with students of other subjects in general side departments like management, marketing, human resources of domestic and multinational companies. Besides, all companies have separate 'Corporate Legal Affairs' department. And wherever there is a league division there is a demand for a candidate with a 'law' degree. And these positions are only reserved for the law!
Besides, a law graduate can take an MBA degree with a major in Human Resource Management from any university. Or if you take Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGD in HRM), there is a great opportunity to join top local corporate houses, banks, other companies or garments sector as 'Human Resource Officer' because Law and Human Resource Management are very important. closely related. If a company gets a qualified candidate with a degree in both of these subjects, it will decide to hire only one person instead of having the luxury of hiring two people in two separate departments - and understandably so!

8/ Real Estate Company
Since their business deals with land, apartments, flats and contracts and breach of contracts, there are possibilities of conflict and disputes. Law is where there is conflict. Wherever there is law, law degree officers are needed. Therefore, law degree holders are reserved as 'law officers' in the real estate business companies of the country.

9/ Government private NGOs, development aid organizations and human rights organizations
In addition to the opportunity to work with degree holders of other subjects in any division of these organizations, a law student has the opportunity to get appointed in the 'law division' of these organizations and organizations. There are also many NGOs and human rights organizations whose main work is legal assistance. For example: Law and Arbitration Center (ASC), BELLA, BLAST, Bangladesh Women Lawyers Association, BRAC etc. Law degree holders are wanted wherever law is dealt with. The law is different and no one has a chance!

10/ International organizations, foreign embassies
Law degree holders have various law related job opportunities in various UN agencies like UNHCR, UNDP, WHO, Save the Children, IOM, ILO etc. In foreign embassies located in Bangladesh, the opportunity to be appointed as a 'law officer' is reserved for law degree holders.

11/ Government and autonomous commissions and institutions
ACC, Election Commission, National Human Rights Commission, Public Service Commission, WASA, PDB, Petro Bangla, BAPEX, almost all government, semi-government and autonomous commissions and institutions have unlimited opportunities to get employment as law officers and panel lawyers.

12/ Garment audit and compliance
Labor laws, safety and labor rights are closely related to the garment sector. Garment companies and buying houses prefer to hire law degree holders in auditors and compliance divisions to monitor these matters thoroughly. Companies don't want to miss candidates who also know the law and have compliance and auditing degrees.

13/ Politicians/ Politics
Law students have special opportunities in politics. At one time, more than 80% of the seats in our parliament were occupied by lawyers. It still exists, but the days of politics are now a dream. If you are a law student, the seat of the editor of the law is reserved for you! Bagha-Bagha will get the opportunity to work with leaders and create good relations in the legal profession. You will get a different importance in the political environment. Police-Prosecution will get Marda at all levels for the sake of profession. You will get smart knowledge about all the internal and external affairs of the state. Meera studying law is unique from other departments in courage, vigilance and personality. Which is very much needed in our society at this moment.

14/ Lawyer
I am discussing legal matters but at the end I am talking about becoming a lawyer. The only example is, I want to show those who think that they can only become lawyers if they study law, how many options are there even if they are not lawyers.
The first dream of most law degree holders is to become a lawyer. But with many challenges in making a career as a lawyer and with so many cash options in front of the eyes, most of the law students do not become practicing lawyers.

A career as a lawyer can do a lot more than what I have mentioned in the list - success, respect, prestige and money - all. Law profession is also called lottery profession. If luck is good, one delay can change the course of life. In an independent profession, there will be no pressure from the boss, the obligation to work on time every day, the regret of not getting leave or the turmoil of doing immoral and illegal work under the pressure of authority.

Many say that lawyers eat haram, make truth a lie, make a lie the truth. The words are true, but not all, only a few people. There is more opportunity to protect integrity and ideals in law than in other professions. However, many lose their morals because of greed. The fact is, whether you eat Haram or not eat Haram is your personal decision.

In the legal profession, you will find diverse careers. There is no monotony or reluctance to work in this profession. Conducting cases in the lower court, later in the High Court Division and Appellate Division as a lawyer, public prosecutor, Attorney General, leadership in the Bar Council, High Court Judge and even the Chief Justice seat if luck allows.

Apart from Family, Civil, Criminal, Writs, you can become an 'Income Tax Practitioner'. Can be a 'Corporate Lawyer' i.e., can practice law on Contract Law, Company Registration, Trade License, Security Law, Bankruptcy Law, Intellectual Property - Trademarks - Patents.
There are endless opportunities to build a career as an environmental lawyer and admiralty lawyer. Those who want to work with law even as advocates, but are reluctant to go to court, can work as 'In house Lawyer' in different law firms, preparing documentation for different companies, giving legal advice, preparing files, drafting cases. Beyond this, if you have special qualifications, you can become a cybercrime, immigration, sports and media lawyer. As a specialist, you can get job opportunities in the international arena across the borders of the country.

The bottom line is that a person who has studied law and is doing the bare minimum has no chance of a stagnant career. Someone walking around unemployed with a law degree is almost unbelievable. You can start your career and income as a junior lawyer from the day after completion of Honours.

Those who make negative comments about the legal profession do so without knowing the truth. If you want to understand any profession, you should take advice from the successful and wise people of that society. Barths will only give negative feedback. Just as atheists find limitations in the Qur'an.

What is the point of talking so much? As long as the world lasts - people will increase, land will decrease, relationships will become more complicated, people will need Ganjam. You know, wherever the law is applied, and wherever the law is applied, there is a law degree holder!
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