Life imprisonment term 30 years: full judgment on appeal

If the sentence of imprisonment for life does not contain the words 'until natural death', the accused shall undergo imprisonment for 30 years as per the Code of Criminal Procedure and Penal Code. The judgment was published on the website of the Supreme Court on Thursday (July 15) at noon.

The judgment said that the accused would have served 30 years in prison unless the term 'until natural death' was mentioned in the sentence of life imprisonment. That means life imprisonment means 30 years in jail.

Earlier in 2017, the Appellate Division had commuted the sentence of the defendants who were sentenced to death in the Savar businessman Zaman murder case to life imprisonment, saying that life does not mean 30 years, but life imprisonment. A review application was later filed when there was confusion among lawyers over the term of life imprisonment. In the final ruling on that application, the Appellate Division today said life imprisonment means 30 years imprisonment.
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