Free Google Drive Unlimited Shared Storage for Lifetime?

Unlimited free Google Drive storage for life? Yes, that is correct. From now on, you can use unlimited Google Drive storage for free for life. With Google charging 24,200/- per month for 30TB of space, you must be wondering how to get unlimited free Google Drive storage. it's okay; Then keep reading the details.

You have to buy more than 15 GB of Google Drive storage. how to be free

We all know that Google allows you to use 15 GB for free. If you need more than this, you will have to pay Rs 1600 per year for 100GB. For 200GB you have to pay Rs 2500 every year. You have to pay Rs 7,100 per year for 2 terabytes. So, for 30 terabytes, you need to pay Rs 24,200 every year. So how can you use it for free? Read the next section to find out the answer to your question.
Is Google Drive free unlimited storage for life?
The answer is yes. However, this is Google Drive storage shared by the team. Google provides free and unlimited storage facilities for educational use in various schools, colleges or educational institutions.

Suppose you are the owner of a university. Google has given you a free unlimited team drive. Now you can share your shared Team Drive with anyone you want. The people you share with can access unlimited Google Drive storage for free.

This is how anyone can use free unlimited Google Drive storage for life with access to Google Drive shared team drive from any other university.
How to get free unlimited Google Drive storage for life?
To get unlimited Google Drive storage for free, first access this website. Before you sign in to the website, make sure you're signed in to the Gmail account you want to get free Google Drive storage for. (regardless, it won't be a problem).

After visiting the website, you will see the following page.

free unlimited Google Drive storage for life

Give a name in the first box marked with red color. This will be the name of your storage drive. You can create a folder or place a file near the storage drive.

Enter your Gmail address in the box so you can have unlimited files in Gmail Google Drive. [Many people sell free unlimited Google Drive storage for $500/$1000 by adding on Facebook. If you want to do the same, enter in box 2 the Gmail address of the person you want to gift unlimited free Google Drive storage to].

Select the University Shared Google Drive team you want to collect storage from. Verify the human captcha by checking the box 4. Finally, complete the process by clicking the Get button in Section 5. If you have completed all the tasks successfully, you will see OK written. Now it's your turn to go to Google Drive and check.

How to check and use free unlimited Google Drive storage

Click this link from your computer to check Google Drive free unlimited storage. To verify with your mobile, open the Google Drive app [Google Drive Android app links and iPhone app links].

Click the link above to view Share Drive of Google Drive Unlimited Storage for free from computer, then click the part of the image below.

How to check and use free unlimited Google Drive storage

To see google drive free unlimited storage share drive from mobile after opening the app or see the direction in the image below.

google drive free unlimited storage

If you have trouble viewing the image, click this link.

How secure is Unlimited Free Google Drive Team?

Let me tell you up front not to use this Google Drive unlimited shared free team storage for personal work. Since this is shared storage, the root authority can see your file.

You can use this storage to create movies, software or various file sharing and download links.

If you have any problem or want to learn while using this free unlimited Google Drive storage, please comment below. If you find the post useful, please share it with others.
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