Interesting Facts About Goa and Famous Beaches

Interesting Facts About Goa and Famous Beaches, Today, through this post of ours, we are going to visit a unique city in India whose name is Goa.
Today, through this post of ours, we are going to visit a unique city in India whose name is Goa. Will give you some interesting information about it. Please read the post completely. In this post you will also get information about the famous beach of Goa. One such post, by reading which you will get important information about Goa, so read the post completely. You will know some interesting information about Goa after reading this post.

Facts About Goa

1. Goa is the smallest state of India. Because the area of this state is only 3702 square kilometers.
2. Goa is definitely the smallest state in India in terms of area, but if we talk about per capita income, it comes in the list of Amir state of India.
3. Goa's beach and wine are very famous.
4. There are more than 7000 registered bars in Goa, from where you can buy liquor.
5. You will be a little surprised to know that Goa celebrates 2nd Independence Day. Celebrates Independence Day on 15 Aug or 19 Dec. 15 Aug celebrates Independence Day of India and 19 Dec as Liberation Day of Goa.
6.Goa Goa was under Portuguese occupation even after the year 1947.
7.Portugal ruled Goa from the year 1510 to 1961.
8. Ram Manohar Lohia had a great contribution in the fight for the liberation of Goa. Due to this he had to go to jail during the reign of Portugal. And there was a complete ban on his coming to Goa.
On 9.19 Dec 1961, the Indian Army launched the operation for the liberation of Goa. Which is also known as Goa Liberation Movement.
10. In this operation, all the three armies of India participated.
11. The effect of this Indian action was that in just 36 hours, the Portuguese General Vaslo I Silva surrendered to the then Indian General Pathan Thapar.
12. After independence, Goa got the status of a separate state in the year 1987.
13. People born before the year 1961 have dual citizenship, those born before 1961 are citizens of both Portugal and India.
14. A human body kept inside a church in Goa, which dates back to 450 years ago, has not deteriorated till date. This human body is of St. Francis Xavier, which was kept in the Church Basimilla of Jesus, Goa in the year 1553.
15. Tourism industry is the main source of income of the state of Goa.
16. There are total 50 Beaches in the state of Goa.
17. India's famous singer Lata Mangeshwar's father was born in Goa.
18. Asia's oldest medical college is in Goa. Which was built by the Portuguese in the 18th century. Goa Medical College is the first medical college in Asia.
19. India's first English school was also opened in Goa. Whose name is St Joseph's High School.
20. Asia's first printing press was also opened in Goa, which was started in St. Paul's College.

Goa’s Famous Beaches

  1. Baga Beach
  2. Calgut Beach
  3. pandji beach
  4. Palolem Beach
  5. Miramar Beach
  6. Kola Beach
  7. Mabor Beach
  8. Bagator Beach
  9. Anuja Beach
Through this post, I gave you all the information related to Goa, also told you about some famous beaches of Goa. Hope you will definitely like this post.
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