Download Worldbox Mod APK ( NEW )

Worldbox Mod APK is a very fun world life creation game. Download and start building your planet now. Sandbox games have long been popular.....
Worldbox Mod APK is a very fun world life creation game. Download and start building your planet now.

Sandbox games have long been popular and get the attention of gamers. On the Android mobile platform, there are several excellent products such as The Sandbox Evolution of PIXOWL or the newer.

WorldBox by Maxim Karpenko.

WorldBox is perfect for users who tend to prefer quiet and contemplative entertainment. This entertaining game allows you to observe a unique world created by your own hands.
About Worldbox

WorldBox is a life Simulation game where you take part in your own virtual world. Build your own world and control its development as a series of destruction and witness the end of the world, and much more.

Download Worldbox Mod APK ( NEW )

Game Features


In modern times, when most games are designed on crisp and realistic 3D platforms, WorldBox takes the old approach to 2D pixel graphics. As you can see, many people are attracted by these graphics and the most obvious proof is that this game has more than 10 million downloads.

Despite its simplicity, WorldBox still has some pretty spectacular fire effects. Along with that are recorded sounds from the actual environment. Thanks to all of this, you can feel how the destruction occurs, or simply feel the life of the chirping of birds, the sound of sheep as they are created.

Destroying Life

As a user you not only have the ability to create life but also have the ability to destroy anything you want. On the destructive power tab, there are many ways to achieve this. You can use TNT, its highly explosive form, explodes and catches fire on contact with the ground. Plus, you can use mines, atomic bombs, pieces of meteorites, or infinity coins to wipe out half of the world's living things, much like Thanos did in Avengers: Infinity War.

Building Life

Have you ever wanted to become a god to restructure and rebuild the world the way you want it? Your opportunity has come when WorldBox gives you the power to build the world. You can build and destroy everything you want. All decisions are in your hands.

All of your strengths are listed in the table at the bottom of the screen. You need to pay attention to some of their abilities, including saving and loading existing worlds, creating new worlds, setting up rules for the world. Once you know these things, you can start the game without any tutorial from the system.

Worldbox Mod APK

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