DMP Commissioner Press Conference on Traffic Discipline

DMP Commissioner Press Conference on Traffic Discipline:
- 121 bus stop locations have been determined to restore order on the roads of Dhaka. DMP has ordered not to stop the bus anywhere except these stops. They are being boarded up. No one can stop the bus outside these places. Besides, the bus door will not open anywhere except the bus stop, it will remain closed. Passengers also cannot alight anywhere other than the bus stop.
- Riders are instructed not to fill oil at the oil pump without a helmet.
- Auto traffic system will be introduced from Jahangir Gate to Zero Point route. Traffic on this road will be controlled through automatic signaling.
- Rickshaws outside Dhaka plying in Dhaka will be impounded.
- Laguna will not be allowed to travel through the main road of Dhaka city.
- RAJUK and City Corporation have already been asked to take action against obstruction of pedestrian movement due to setting up of illegal shops on footpaths.
- Driver's photo and phone number should be displayed on the front of every bus.
- Bus driver must fasten seat belt.
- Non contractual, bus drivers will be salaried.
- The law cannot be violated by illegally attaching flagstands to vehicles. Action will be taken against any unauthorized person using the flagstand.
Let's obey traffic laws and encourage others to obey them.
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