If you had 10-15 lakh rupees, what business would you do and why?

It is possible to do many types of business with 10-15 lakh rupees. If you want to invest this amount, please read my answer carefully.

Please read carefully my profile where my TV interviews, webinair, commercial screenshots and results are given. If you watch this, you will understand why I have been doing business and will continue to do so in the future.

Many of the businesses I speak of have become millionaires. Those who have learned from me are already working in different countries of the world's big banks and earning billions of rupees a year. Many of them are doing this business themselves and earning crores of rupees just by buying my tips.

There will be profit and loss in all halal business. In one of these two businesses the amount of profit and loss will be much higher, very fast, but the risk is much higher and in the other the risk is a little lower, so the profit or loss will be smaller, gradually. These totally depend on the business and knowledge of business techniques.

These operations are: "Foreign Currency Market" and "International Stock Market". The risk in the "forex market" is a bit high, but this business is very profitable and profits and losses are very fast. If one does business with real education, he can recover what he has invested in a week or a month. On the other hand, the gains and losses in the "international stock market" will not be too soon. I myself have been doing both of these businesses for the last 25 years and also teaching others. I am a professional international trader. I don't just trade for myself, I have been managing other people's wallets for many years and also selling tips.

What I earn by investing Rs 15 lakh is not gradually returned to my bank account. This does not include a full return on my investment. Please note that before returning the full investment amount, I will leave part of the profit money in the trading account. For example, I earned Rs 16 lakh, of which I took Rs 15 lakh to my bank account and Rs 1 lakh remained in my trading account. Now I will trade again with just Rs 1 lakh. I will not cry if even this 1 lakh rupees is lost because I have already recovered all the money (15 lakhs) of my investment. I will continue to do business in these two markets with whatever profit I make.

Any business that must be done knowingly, foreign exchange business or stock market business must be done knowingly. These two businesses should not be done without knowing everything. I have been in business for over 25 years and am constantly learning new things.

The profit margin is much greater than the loss of my business. For example, in the forex market, I make very good profits, sometimes 100% every day. Since we invest in the stock market of 16 countries of the world (including the Bangladesh stock market), the profit in this market is not as high as in the forex market. Because I invest in large companies on the stock market, the price of the companies' shares is very high. In this example I can say that at one point in one week I made 4800%+ on the forex market and 4500%+ on the stock market in six months. My profile has screenshots of this earnings topic and earnings results.

By investing Rs. 15 lakhs, I can earn at least Rs.

In addition to these two markets, I also sell commodity market tips that I get paid for every week.

You can contact me for more details and get real knowledge about this market.
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