What is the way to be mentally tough?

A man named John Wick was alone. Suddenly, another man pointed a gun at his head and said, "Prepare to die!"

John Wick asked, "Is there another way?"
The gunslinger, "" No! I'll blow your skull off in 10 seconds! "

What will John Wick do now?
  • death as defenseless
  • He grabbed a gun from her and shot her
A pessimist will join the first option and die a coward.

If John chooses the second option
  • Take the gun and shoot him
  • The man shot him while he was trying to make friends
  • Take the gun, wound, shoot the person, survive on your own.
John Wick knew that no one would remember him if he died without trying. He will be forgotten as a weak man. If he tries to defeat the enemy, he will gain respect whether he dies or survives.

What is the way to be mentally tough?

If you want people to remember you, you have to work hard. Hard work and determination made John Wick mentally strong. If you are mentally strong, you will also be physically strong because your brain will help you break all the bad habits. You will be able to get rid of bad habits.
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