What is chastity or virginity?

What is chastity or virginity? (I tried to use courteous or courteous language as much as possible, if anyone still feels uncomfortable, please stop..
What is chastity or virginity? (I tried to use courteous or courteous language as much as possible, if anyone still feels uncomfortable, please stop reading. I'm sorry to provoke your uncomfortable feeling. Please forgive me.)

Base night chastity test
Note that on the night of Basar David (pseudonym) he spreads a white cloth on the bed of his flower bed to test the chastity of the bride. Otherwise, the girl will be proven to have lost her virginity before the marriage.

However, the new wife should be tested as usual. Starting the next day, David became very upset. He came up with the idea that his girlfriend was not a virgin, but he abandoned her virginity to another man before marriage. Following the advice of friends, David began abusing his new wife. On the rat's forehead, the new wife began to humiliate herself instead of her husband's love for no reason. She couldn't understand what is the crime of her? Now let us know what is chastity for girls?

What is chastity?

The chastity of a woman's chastity is called chastity. That is, a woman who has never had intercourse with a man is called a Sati, virgin, or virgin woman. In Greece, where women were not considered perfect human beings, there was a provision to bury alive the girl accused of losing her virginity.

Where is the sati curtain?
The chamomile veil partially or completely covers the entrance to the vagina.

What is hymen or hymen?
The female reproductive system is made up of the ovaries, ovaries, uterus, and vagina.
The hymen, then, is a fold created by the mucous membrane, which partially or completely covers the entrance to the vagina.
Hymen hymen: Hymen (pronounced: hymen).
In English, "popping one's cherry" means losing one's virginity.
The origin of the Bengali word satichad is believed to be that the presence of this veil can confirm a girl's virginity or chastity, hence the name satichad.
The hymen of other animals.
Not only human beings, but also animals such as chimpanzees, badar, elephants, whales, manatees, etc. they can see the hymen.
Virginity or chastity test
Hymen or virginity is tested by looking at the presence of hymen or hymen. If the hymen is intact, chastity is supposed to be okay. Again, chastity is also tested by doing the two finger test. Someone again proves chastity or virginity by looking at the shape of the breasts and the structure of the rear country.
It is not possible to confirm the existence or not of virginity simply by examining the hymen.
Chastity can be lost without sexual intercourse
A full-fledged chaste woman's hymen can be ruined even if she hasn't met any man. You must be wondering how it is possible. The hymen can be torn if there is uneven pressure on the muscles of the two thighs due to climbing a tree, etc. The hymen can break even if any medication is inserted into the genitals due to examination or treatment of TVS.
Chastity or virginity can be fine even after intercourse
In many women, the hymen can remain intact even after having sex once or twice. Bleeding may not occur if the hymen is torn during intense intercourse.
restoring virginity
The hymen can be replaced by a special type of operation. The doctor has to pay a lot of money for the surgery of a special method of reconstruction of the genitals. In this process, even a polygamous woman can regain her virginity. Now what are you thinking about seeing a girlfriend?
virginity test
Take a mirror to examine her hymen. Now spread your legs apart and with the help of your fingers move the bhangakur to both sides. If you see a small screen the size of a ring, then you know her hymen is fine.
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