What are the reasons girls are afraid of sex?

What are the reasons girls are afraid of sex? Many girls feel stressed at night thinking about physical intimacy with their husband or partner in bed!
Tired of taking several pressures throughout the day in bed looking for relief of body and mind. Intimacy with the loved one, the fatigue of the mind is removed in intimacy. Doctors and psychologists also affirm that physical contact is capable of relieving body-mind fatigue. But what if the situation is the other way around? Do you think that a new stress is created when you think about the physical relationship? Many girls feel stressed at night thinking about physical intimacy with their husband or partner in bed! Experts say that there are, in fact, many stressors on their heads that cause them to no longer enjoy physical intimacy or the fun of sex. Let's take a look at what kind of stress or fear works on girls with sex!

What are the reasons girls are afraid of sex?

fear of pain

Many girls talk about feeling pain when they have penetrative sex for the first time. Without it, if you don't have enough foreplay or reluctance to have sex, it can hurt because the vagina isn't lubricated enough. As a result, many girls become numb when the sexual situation arises.
Solution: Don't rush during physical intimacy. Emphasize foreplay. The more slippery the vagina, the less painful it will be. Enjoy the moments without any tension or numbness in your head. However, whenever there is severe pain during intercourse, see a doctor. If there is a problem called vaginismus, the muscles of the vagina become very tense and stiff during intercourse and can cause pain.

physical constriction

Counselors say that many girls suffer from insecurity due to their physical makeup. They have doubts about whether they will like the discomfort of the body or the physical beauty of the partner. As a result, an emotional barrier is created early on with sex and has an unavoidable effect on sexual life.
Solution: There is no such thing as a perfect physique. Each body structure is graceful and beautiful in its own way. So don't worry about your body shape. Stay confident.

not have an orgasm

Multiple studies have shown that at least 70 percent of girls do not have an orgasm from penetrative sex during intercourse. Rather they can get the pleasure of orgasm from clitoral stimulation. So if you don't have an orgasm as a result of penetration, don't worry at all.
Solution: Being able to orgasm is definitely a treat, but even if you can't, there's no reason the sky should fall on you! There are more aspects of sex besides the climax, enjoy it all. Instead of worrying about whether or not you have an orgasm, share what you feel with your partner.

Lack of creativity

Happiness can be enjoyed in many ways in bed. Couples discover new ways, and this is where many girls get left behind. They think they don't have enough imagination, and so they can't make sex attractive to their partner. Naturally, they have great doubts about sex.
Solution: Don't be skeptical about your imagination or creativity in your mind, but talk openly with your partner. He wants to know what he wants, and if he likes it. Uni will be happy, you'll get some ideas!
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