9 Reasons to have sex: Carrier of healthy and normal life

Sexual intercourse does not only give instant gratification. Regular sexual intercourse is said to be a cure for the disease and a carrier of a healthy and normal life.

9 Reasons to have sex

Medical scientists have discovered the benefits of a regular healthy sex life. What are the benefits of regular sex for a healthy lifestyle:
1. Healthy regular sex life increases longevity. One study found that women who reached the peak of their sensations during sexual intercourse were more likely to live longer.
2. Practice regular sexual intercourse to increase knowledge and intelligence. Scientists say that sex is associated with the growth of brain cells. In the case of people in their fifties, their memory is sharpened as a result of daily physical contact.
3. As a result of sexual intercourse, body fat is lost. The more sexually promiscuous you are, the more likely you are to have a miscarriage.
4. Psychologists claim that sexual intercourse is the key to happiness. Physical intercourse once a week strengthens the marital or love relationship. However, care must be taken to ensure that loyalty to one's mate is maintained. Otherwise the opposite result is inevitable.
5. During each orgasm, the secretion of endorphin and oxytocin hormones in the body of men and women increases. The body's pain and numbness is largely pale. Most people fall into a deep sleep because of it. Sleep is the clearing of sexual intercourse.
6. Regular sexual intercourse reduces the chances of getting cancer. Studies show that men who are accustomed to a healthy and regular sex life have a lower risk of prostate cancer. On the other hand, it reduces the risk of breast cancer in women.
7. Those who are accustomed to regular sex life, do not suffer from stress. Sexual intercourse relieves stress. However, in this case, sexual intercourse has been said, this result does not match in the sexual process like masturbation.
8. Research has shown that sex is effective in curing any pain in the body. Sexual intercourse even works to relieve migraine pain.
9. Regular sexual intercourse gives the benefits of physical exercise. Women who are accustomed to having sex at least twice a week are less likely to have heart disease. Compared to those who are accustomed to having sex once a month, they are more likely to have a heart attack. However, in the case of men, the result may be the opposite.
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