How to make money from Google Blogger?

How to make money from Google Blogger? You can make money with Google Blogger. Write a few blogs of your choice, then apply for Google Adsense.
You can make money with Google Blogger. Create a free Blogger account. Write a few blogs of your choice, then apply for Google Adsense.

After some time, ads will be displayed on your blog and you can earn money through it. However, it is not as easy to earn money as it is to write.

What you need to know and understand to be a blogger

The goal of many people today is to become a professional blogger. Even if it sounds ridiculous or uncomfortable to hear, it is an absolute truth that a blogger can earn Rs 4 crore per month if he wants to. So a person's desire to become a professional blogger is not a bad thing.

Blogs have grown in popularity since 1999. And today, blogs are people's daily companions.

To be successful in any endeavor, you must follow certain rules and regulations. Although hard work is a prerequisite for every job. But that work must be done in the right place and in the right way.

In today's article I will discuss all the ways and methods that will help you become a professional blogger. And for those who are thinking of starting a blog, here are some important things to know before starting a new blog. And before we get into the basics, let's find out what blogs and bloggers really mean.

What are blogs and bloggers?

What is a blog? This type of question comes to mind, especially for those who are out of this world. Blog literally means online diary. When a person writes his opinion or a topic on a website, it is called a blog. The blog journey began in 1997 with a man named Jর্নrn Burger. He was the first to introduce us to the word weblog. There are basically two types of blogs. E.g .:

personal blog
business blog

Personal blogs are written about one's own opinion or topic. And business blogs are written about the products or services of different organizations. And anyone who writes on a blogging website is called a blogger. There can be blogs on various topics like travel, recipes, technology, analytics, religion, health, lifestyle, etc. Anyway, at least I didn't go downstairs without explaining myself first.

Ways to become a professional blogger

How to make money from Google Blogger?

Regularly read other people's blogs.

To become a blogger, you must first read other people's blogs. No one is born a blogger at birth, it takes practice to become a blogger. And knowledge is needed for that practice.

To gain knowledge in the beginning, you should read blogs written by others. You have to look at their writing techniques and presentations. You can also read blogs about topics you are good at. This will increase your proficiency in a particular topic which will help you become a professional blogger.

Increase language skills

You must master the language in which you write the blog. Competition does not mean that your writing has to be in a language like literature. Rather, it is a matter of past language skills to avoid misspellings and regionalism.

Also, try to write blogs in common and useful language of common people. Because the main readers of your blog are ordinary people, not judges of the Nobel Committee.

increase creativity

Creativity will be enhanced by regularly reading other people's writing, gaining a thorough understanding of the desired topic, and trying to write on your own. If you want to increase creativity, you have to write regularly. If you don't have the proper knowledge about the topic you want to write about, writing something creative will never be possible.

And there are usually more readers of creative writing. The more creative your writing, the more readers you will have. Nobody will read your blog to know what people know. Instead, read his blog to learn something new. Therefore, read regularly and generate new ideas constantly.

write regularly

There is a saying that algae never grow on a moving rock, in fact the human brain is like that rock. If you don't write regularly, you will find that laziness will grow in you like algae slowly growing on a fixed rock.

Therefore, you need to write regularly to create enthusiasm at work. At the same time, you have to read other people's blogs regularly.

Add images to text

The images of writing can engage the human brain 90% faster. So if you add images in the middle of writing, your writing will be able to attract 100% of people's attention. Images are very important when writing tutorials, recipes and travel bases. But there are two things to keep in mind. E.g .:

Please do not add unnecessary images to the post. This will annoy the reader instead of attracting attention.
And don't add too many images, the website will take time to load. As a result, the reader will be upset. In addition to maintaining image quality, try reducing the image size.
Write in medium size

The writing should not be too small, nor should it be too large. If it is too small, it will be difficult for the reader to understand the main topic of the writing. On the other hand, if the text is too long, the reader will lose interest in reading the text.

So try to make sure the text is medium in size. And if it becomes a large text, you can express the text in an interactive and humorous way so as not to disturb the writing.

Pay attention to the comments of others.

You are not the reader of your writing, so give importance to other readers. Try to understand what the reader wants. What looks good to one visitor may not be so good to another.

So look at the comments of the readers. Try to respond to each of their comments. Build relationships with readers.

increase visitors

You do not have to write a blog, it is important to attract visitors to your blog. Otherwise, there will be no interest in writing and your writing will be in vain. And the most effective way to attract visitors is SEO or search engine optimization. Naturally, when people want to know something, they search Google, Bing, or any other search engine. Now, if your website appears first after the search, you will easily get visitors.

In addition, the number of users of social networks is much higher. Now if you share your writing on social media then from now on you will easily get visitors to your blog like SEO. What will give life to your blog.

Last word

These are just some of the goal setting shareware you can use. If the number of visitors to your blog increases, you should think about the income. Because financial motivation is the biggest motivation and you also need money to cover your domain hosting costs.
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