How to kiss your life partner? Preparations before Lip Kiss and its advantages and disadvantages

Rules, advantages, disadvantages and methods of lip kissing
How to kiss? Preparation method
What kind of style
Kiss pictures and others
9 things to do or prepare before kissing
1. Prepare Yourself To Be Kissed - Prepare yourself to kiss
2. Get Her In The Right Setting - Yatra tatra your partner will not kiss you so keep the place right
3. Drop A Few Hints - Give a hint in advance that you will kiss !!
4. Use Touching And Compliments.
5. Lock Eyes To Lock Lips Keep your eyes closed!
6. Get Her To Kiss You For The First Time
7. Be Ready To Make The Move Attack!
9. Remove The Awkwardness After The Kiss

7 styles of kissing
1. The Tongue Kiss Kiss is the most popular kissing method. In this case, one's tongue touches another's tongue. That is why it is also called Tongue Kiss.

 2. The Butterfly Kiss There is no such thing as a kiss on the lips. Here the eyelids of one touch the eyelids of another. And like the fluttering of a butterfly's wings, both of them flutter their eyelids. It's kind of fun. Butterfly kisses can also be done by slapping the eyelids of one person on the cheek of another.

3. The Single-Lip Kiss Single-Lip Kiss is a kiss on the lips of a person you love. Single lip kiss is the act of caressing the other's lips with one's own two lips.

4. A new kind of kiss has been seen in The Spiderman Kiss. Here one of the two has two lips at the top (in the sky) and one at the bottom.

5. The Earlobe Kiss refers to kissing on the earlobe or neck without kissing each other on the lips.

6. The Lip Gloss Kiss This is actually what most of the time female partners do with their male partners. In this case, the lips are rubbing against each other's lips.

How to kiss your life partner?

What are the benefits of kissing

1. Helps reduce stress:

Nowadays, every human being is more or less a victim of stress. Modern research has shown that a small kiss can reduce your stress and hypertension.

2. Increases confidence:

We all know that kissing is an expression of love and care for a loved one, so getting a kiss from a loved one can help boost confidence in many ways.

3. Helps reduce high blood pressure:

Kissing increases heart rate, which increases blood flow to the body and consequently lowers blood pressure very quickly. One of the best aspects of kissing.

4. Increases immunity:

The saliva or saliva exchanged through kissing greatly enhances the body's immune system.

Kissing method

How to kiss each other. Call Kissing Desire: Available Tricks
This is a problem faced by millions of girls around the world - how to make a boy like you, you kissed? The good news is that if the two of you spend a lot of time together and you know he likes her, he's probably just anxiously and lightly manipulating what he needs. All you have to do is run your cards properly and send the right signals. Not the time to recover, your lips have merged into a kiss! Here's how to do it

Get ready

Your lips are ready. The first step is to get a kiss from a man - to make their lips look attractive. If one wants to kiss dry chapped lips, one can buy a good lip balm and it can often be applied to well moisturized lips. Apply a little balm shortly before kissing - now you smooth out a nice scented lip. Don't use bright lipsticks or sticky lip glosses as they may be imprinted at first and may even ruin a kiss.

Vaseline or balm moisturizes the lips. You can give them extra smoothness if you rub them gently with a damp washcloth or toothbrush. This will remove the old skin particles.

If you are planning a date, start preparing your lips a few days before. Otherwise, keep a lip balm in your hand.
Dress as nicely as possible.

Always try to look unique next to the boy who wants to kiss. If you style your hair or keep your favorite skirt, you will feel more confident. Confidence is especially important when it comes to kissing. Put on a top that will blend nicely with your eye color, you can apply some mascara to emphasize your long eyes.

Trying to see your best, don't go too far. You don’t need a ton of makeup and of course don’t wear ultrashorts and stay very open. Boys are attracted to girls who look natural and confident to them, so let them shine in their natural charm and beauty.
The scent is also important - if you have a date, make sure to wash your hair and apply some favorite perfume on your wrists and ears. Do not use harsh, heavy perfumes.

Take care of fresh breath.

Needless to say, there is always fresh air to breathe if you have to try - it can kiss a slut at any time. Brush your teeth more frequently, especially after eating. Keep a mint pastel to take advantage of these as soon as a kiss is expected. Don't be afraid to present them to him, he may take it as a hint, but you need it!

If you plan to bite with someone you like, get a camping kit with toothpaste and a toothbrush. So, you can rush to the toilet and refresh yourself quickly after meals. Carry a portable mouthwash if possible.
You should eat garlic that is very spicy and can be delicious before or during meals.

Choose the appropriate location.

You want to remember your first kiss with this guy as romantic, don't you? Make sure you choose the right place. Big, noisy parties in front of all your friends is not a good idea. You will experience stress and interruptions, and it will all feel very amazing. Instead, choose a cozy, but completely uninhabited space such as a park, walk, a pier or a cozy table in the corner of the cafeteria.

To get to the movies you need a place where you can talk to each other and maintain eye contact (so that it can read for all the kisses on your pointers) - not the best option.
If you are already close enough with him, you can invite him to watch a movie, but make sure that parents or siblings do not break up at the most inconvenient moment: it will be uncomfortable!

Stay calm is not like putting too much pressure on a kiss. Of course, some anxiety is normal but if you are very anxious you will get twisted and confused and it will give him the wrong signal. Kissing should be fun, enjoyable and natural, nothing harsh or scary. But if the butterflies in your stomach are like carnivorous insects, here are some tips:

Take a deep breath. If you feel panic, take a deep breath, inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. Just concentrate on breathing and you will immediately feel how calm you are. Deep breathing lowers the levels of anxiety substances (such as adrenaline) and relaxation increases the production of mood-enhancing endorphins.

Ask yourself: What happens in the worst case scenario? No, really: what could be wrong with a simple kiss? Are you afraid that you don't know how to kiss well? Or if the kiss is bad, don't you like it? Remember, kissing - each of us has an innate ability, so it is not possible to let go of it, especially if you want to, and you - him. But if the boy kisses badly enough to take away from such a beautiful girl, then it is not suitable for him in any case.
Laughter is called the best medicine. Also for the nerves. Laughter will make you feel more comfortable and comfortable during this time and will make the whole situation more awkward and stressful.

Send the signal

Appreciate it since you are ready and decided that tonight is the same, so it's time to start sending signals for kisses. Appreciate the boy is a great start. He will feel better and you will like to be more sympathetic, thus increasing the chances of kissing.

Say something nice and clear, for example, "I like your eyes", or "You're one of the perfect people I've talked to!", And if you want your signs to be clearer, you can say that Lips like.

Maintain a smile and eye contact. Cheerful, confident girls love, so show these qualities with a smile and directly in your eyes. Laughing, you will look happy and carefree and you will flatter his arrogance by laughing at his jokes. Eye contact will let him know that you are interested in him and you are not afraid to get what you want.

No need to blink, just stare at her for a few seconds, then smile and look away - she's been caught!
Draw attention to your lips. This will draw your attention to your lips and keep the idea that you need to kiss. Try to do it by accident, so that no worries.

Apply lip balm to her eyes, or gently bite her lips when you are sure she is. See, soon you want your attention

Use physical contact.

Sometimes boys are afraid to take the first step but when they see that you have a pleasant physical contact with them, they seem to be sure to allow you to kiss. You can shake her, rub her hair, hold her hand, or hug her unexpectedly. He will immediately feel more confident and read a message from you that you will not bother to take the game to the next level.

Use strategy. Use the opportunity to be closer to the person. Remove the imaginary fluff from her hair, ask her to compete, who will see her, or tell her that you are cool and you can go to her. Intimate communication makes you understand that you are interested in it and it will be very easy to kiss.

Men's kissing tips. Sometimes boys don’t look clear, so if your symptoms are very subtle, it may be time to give a more open indication. You can look him straight in the eye and lean towards him, and openly kiss him on the cheek, allowing him to take the next step.

If you feel more confident than you are, "Can you give me a kiss" or "What are you waiting for? Kiss me!" Throw the bold phrase if I think it was his birthday, the day before the New Year and at the same time the first day of the holiday!
The first kiss - an important stage in the development of a couple. Many lovers are convinced that from that moment on, their romance becomes a serious relationship rather than just flirting. However, the importance of following the kiss between a man and a woman should not be overlooked!

How to kiss a guy for the first time

If you decide to kiss, the first person should be mentally prepared in advance so that the kiss does not look ridiculous or forceful. Whether you’re panicking or thinking too long and seriously about the next step from the side everything looks simple and comfortable, kissing the favorite and cute smile. Don't complicate things in such a happy moment.

Kiss people on the cheek

Kissing him on the cheek - If you do not dare to kiss the man directly on the face, choose to give him this initiative, you can do something different. Of course, this can be done in case of greetings or farewells but it is better to wait for the romantic atmosphere, then there is a possibility that the youth will move on to more decisive tasks. The benefits of eating in both cases - in the first case (kissing at the meeting), then you realize that you have no objection to your very close contact with this person, and in the second case, for you ready and willing to move later (understand a kiss on the lips).

Kiss the guy on the lips (ambitious)

Remember that almost all French people are kissing - when we partners are not only in touch with her lips, but also in the language we are talking about that kind of kiss. Undoubtedly, this kind of kiss can seduce any young person and it is important to be aware of it immediately. Start the soft touch of your lips with your lips and only then enter your tongue. In this case, you can snatch your beautiful body, press it on the back.

However, there is no need to start a kiss if a young man shows no signs of sympathy for you - you can only find yourself in a strange situation and with your strongest regrets.

If you get embarrassed

It's important to understand that if you don't need to kiss people, what a wonderful way to screw people over! It is possible that the young man himself will be embarrassed after this, your job is to make everything look normal. You can define the situation as a joke or not focus on the situation.

How to behave after kissing

The first kiss is an important event for girls like boys, but it does not give too much enchantment. Many girls then expect some special reactions, an incredible relationship and other things. It is good to take your first kiss as a logical development of your relationship. Of course, it's okay to be a little embarrassed, but not anymore. Put a sweet smile on the young man, look him in the eye - it's enough to show you that your relationship has gone to another level.

How do you know if someone wants to kiss you?

It doesn't hurt at all! If a young man wants to go to a new level of relationship, almost any girl will be able to notice it. In such cases, the chosen person tries to speak as pleasantly as possible, often appearing in your eyes and lips. He wants to be very close to you - to touch you or to be around you. However, the very shy young man may behave differently, but as it may be, if his embarrassment becomes more obvious than usual, there is a clear indication that it is also attractive to you and accordingly he approaches you. Wants to come.

How and where will men kiss that she wanted you

The man kisses her on the neck and starts kissing
You know, intimacy between a man and a woman starts with a kiss. Of course, you can act "right" and just kiss the guy in the face, but you can come "together" by kissing his neck first. When you are in the most relaxed atmosphere, close to each other very close to the throat, the young man breathes the scent of his skin into his throat with pleasure and then gently kisses the same place several times. In this case, it is advisable to stroke the other side of your neck with the palm of your hand and then extend your lips to your lips - of course it will raise the chosen one.

People bring passionate kisses to the lips

A passionate kiss on the lips will, of course, be able to bring a man. Your goal is to instill in the young man a strong desire to kiss, so that you can show him how much you enjoy being around. Gently touch your face with your fingers, the palms of his hands on his neck, shoulders and back. You can run your hands gently through your hair. Most likely, you will be able to "hook" in one of the aerosanas zones of the fur.

A person is attracted to his behavior and words

If you want to persuade men to kiss and you want to show him his look and behavior, the most comfortable and pleasant company. Start physical contact - hug your hand. Relax, smile and flirt, let him see that he is attractive to you as a man.

How to kiss a man, but he really likes

It is important that the person understands that you are not an easily accessible person. Even if চান u200b \ u200b that if you want to kiss, you should continue, he does not think that this is a normal situation for you. That's why it's best to say goodbye to a new meeting once the kiss is over - this is because the first kiss doesn't start at the beginning of a good farewell and comes close to an end. In this case, this imperfection will provoke the person's thoughts about you until the next meeting, further influencing his imagination. As you know, in such a situation not long before and before true love.

Also, it is important to behave as naturally as possible and not to portray violent emotions - you can move away, play again and just look ridiculous.

I want to kiss a man first
Excited and you get a guy to kiss
You want to make the choice you want to kiss, but be sure to choose the right time for it. Apparently this handsome young man wants to kiss you in most situations but still you are sensitive and persuade him to take this step, so it is something terribly annoying. This perseverance can be seen out of place and then the guy just decides that you are deprived of any sensitivity.

In general, you can excite a lover with your presence. Of course, it's best not to allow pornography - just keep the maximized feminine clothes in your category. Talk to a person in a calm and gentle voice, try to avoid raised melodies, hysterical smiles or mythical notes - there must be a man in your voice, he must be immersed in a certain nirvana. Let your movements be smooth and keep the screen light. In a convenient and appropriate case, touch the young man - his hair, hands, back. Aura of femininity and intimacy must fly away from you. Some girls may behave quite naturally in this way but learn it in general.

Interaction Kiss Push

Some people do not have the courage to kiss a woman, just to arouse their sympathy, or to believe that such a move is appropriate at this moment. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Relax next to him, start touching, take the guy by the fist, hug him or remove the palm of your hand with his hair, he will see that you are comfortable in his company and love to touch him.

Conspiracy to kiss

To perform any such activity, use a silver spoon (in general, the spoon may be another white metal). You will also need a glass of holy water. If there is no holy water in the house, keep plain clean water in a glass and leave it in the dark for a week. Now dip the spoon in water and say inseparably:

Young people will often think of you and your desire to be by their side after this kind of conspiracy - and it will want to kiss you, the purpose of their desire.

Around the world, a man takes the first step. If your girlfriend is very shy, you should give her a hint, a hint for continuity. Today we suggest you how to kiss a guy on a first date. So, get the ears ready on top and ... come on!

Invite her Respect for you (and fear of rejection) means men won't usually try to kiss you. It's not really sure if you want to. You should try to make him feel comfortable and confident. Flirting with him, laughing, laughing, laughing, laughing, laughing a lot. If you tell her you want to be with her, she will get the courage and kiss you.

Break your middle bar by touching. Gently touch his hand or shoulder as you speak. Just do it quickly, innocently and carelessly. You can easily overcome this obstacle by holding hands. A simple touch can increase the intimacy between you and him. Sometimes a boy can touch you first. If you feel comfortable with him, touch him in response.

Look at her lips. When you are alone with a person and you want to kiss him, apply this technique: look into his eyes once and then lower your eyes slightly to the lips. Then look him in the eye again, meet his eyes and smile politely. If this doesn't work the first time, try again after the moment is available. This great reception has forced many to force their first kiss on the girls, and you're done!

You must have passersby to kiss each other. The shorter your mid-length, the easier it is for men to try to kiss you. Then pass. If the moment seems right, turn your face towards it, lean a little and look with hope. If you are brave, you can try to move forward as if it is kissing you. Hopefully, he'll take the hint, but if he doesn't, you can smile at him with a playful kiss on the cheek.

Talk about it. If the boy does not accept your subtle formulas, provoke him into conversation. For example, if you're watching a movie, the characters are kissing together and onscreen, the point to note is that it's "so romantic" or something like that. A man is also shy, so you can only tell him what you want to kiss him. Do it, some are just waiting for it!

There is no law that says a man is a woman for the first time, and some people have to kiss him, especially if they have never kissed a woman but simply do not understand their symptoms. So just take the initiative and do it yourself! He must not bother!

Sometimes people who have been sympathetic to each other for a long time do not dare to take the first step so that the communication goes to a new level. How can you offer to kiss someone and see you regularly? How do you know if someone wants to kiss you for their behavior? First you need to decide what stage the relationship is at. If the communication is only friendly and the person shows no signs of meditation, you should first get him interested. To do this, you can use the whole arsenal of female strategies. Don't forget that people love their eyes. In the early stages of the bond, they choose girls whose presence is pleasing to them. To attract the attention of men, one should start dressing more stylishly. Gray and nodscript dresses should be separated immediately, they are characterized by beautiful feminine dresses, must be replaced with skirts. When choosing images, you should think about how sexy they are.

A girl wearing beautiful and elegant clothes has every chance of success with the opposite sex. Also, do not neglect cosmetics, look at the hairstyle. You can draw attention to the first step to make a person happy. After a while, you have to stop. This is the basic rule of successful flirting. A man is very happy when he is interested. After discovering that their interest in his personality had faded, they became interested in the cause of such a change and in the future they began to communicate on their own. You can find a vision for any human being. To do this, find out more about it and identify points of contact. When a person shows interest, it does not go beyond friendship, so you can force him to take action. First separate the kiss towards the relationship and make sure the guy tried to do it as soon as possible.

To quickly develop a friendship as a friendly love affair, you have a situation where a young person can't kiss but can't help. For example, you don't have to run fast after spending a person before the entrance. This moment is very convenient to explain in feeling. For kissing, it is advisable to reduce the distance between a man and a woman. For example, you can often take it with one hand, hug it, lean on his shoulder and feel the proximity, the young man will not be able to resist. Men can come in a ridiculous shape to kiss them. A kiss - the woman is with him in the same company and conferences are often frequent, so you can ask someone to organize the main prize, so that the game. Competitions that require a man and a girl to cling to each other are even better. These are often held at weddings.

Don't you feel this emotion when kissing on the lips as the first person? This question is difficult to answer. Some men do not usually engage in such activities on behalf of women, preferring to feel like strong sex winners and predators. If the friend does not work in the open, and will do it to kiss her, the opposite is not true when a girl feels sorry for herself but the novel has no development, you can choose to invite her to the movie or even to her house u200b u200b Can. For those who are not ready to have sex soon, the first option is considered more desirable. Presented at home, of course leads to a kiss, but this kind of invitation can be considered vague.

Beautiful lips keep men's eyes on themselves and girls voluntarily use makeup. In this case, it is important not to overdo it. Like some people, their partner brightens their lips during the day. Need to color so that the opposite sex wants to kiss. A discreet pink lipstick is ideal for this purpose. If a person is constantly close and often comes close, his head is bowed, perhaps, he just does not dare to take the first step. In this case, you can kiss her for the first time or make a choice and wait for an acceptable decision. Violence will help speed up the development of the relationship. Young people do not tolerate competitors, but at the same time they are attracted to women who are liked by other men. You can do a lot of flirting on the side. The chosen person will see how his friends look at the girl, and will not like to share it with anyone.

Dream of kissing someone special, but it seems like he won't take the first step? Maybe he's just nervous and doesn't know how to do it. Follow our tips to kiss and kiss her.

Mood building
Make sure your breath is fresh. Be sure to brush your teeth and tongue before leaving the house. Carrie Mint and Mint Chewing Gum, you are going to have a party where this guy kisses you in a dream. There is nothing worse than kissing someone who smells bad. Try to keep your breath fresh.

Find a place where you can be alone. Invite her to go somewhere with you, kissing can be a condition - go see a movie, etc. Find another way (for example, find her hiding and mate). Lots of friends in the neighborhood get excited and kill his romantic mood. You want a man to kiss you somehow.

In private with him. Be confident and friendly. If you are nervous, try not to show it. Keep an open posture, such as not crossing your arms or legs. When you talk to him, look into his eyes, the body should return to him. Laugh at their jokes, praise them. Talk about what you like about him, for example: "You look cool in this shirt, it matches your blue eye color." Make him feel comfortable with you.

Try to get as close to him as possible. If you are not very close to him, take a step, reduce the distance between the two of you. Use small rice if necessary. Most likely, he will try to get close to you with any way to get a kiss and his little tricks can be very simple.

If you are on the road, say that you are a little cold and go closer. If you are at home, say it has cilia (or something else) on its face. Bend over his face, gently wipe the "eyelash", then cool and look into his eyes.

Non-verbal cues
Overcome the fear of being touched. There is an invisible barrier between two people who love each other - fear of touch. Be the first to overcome this obstacle. When you smile, touch your hand with his hand, if you are sitting opposite each other, touch your palm with his foot. By touching her, you realize that you have given her physical contact (including kissing). If your girlfriend is the first person to try to break this barrier, then her answer will touch her, you will tell her that you like what is happening inside you.

Make your lips for attractive kisses. Before thinking about kissing, make sure that your lips are quite attractive and attractive. It is not fun to kiss dry, cracked lips! Before bed, lubricate your lips with petroleum jelly or lip balm, it will moisturize them and protect them from drying out. One of the classic ways to draw someone's attention to your lips is to cut them off while flirting, making sure to look them in the eye while doing so.

If you come to a restaurant with your boyfriend, do something to get his attention on your lips. If you eat something juicy (ice cream, berry, watermelon, etc.), put a drop of juice on your lips, then gently lick it. Don’t overdo it so that it doesn’t look like any dirty garbage, which is hard to eat without dumping food on its own.

Apply some lip gloss while your girlfriend is watching. His eyes will be colored on your lips. Do not overdo it with too much glitter: the lips may be too sticky. To reduce this effect, use lip balm or healthy lipstick.

Love with your eyes. Use your mind to clear what you want to kiss. One way to hint at a kiss - a hard look in his eyes. Gently look at her lips, then look into her eyes. If anyone thinks this is a sign for a kiss, well, if not, try this technique again later. Do not repeat it, it will keep you in an uncomfortable position.

Another way to flirt with your eyes is to exercise restraint. Immediately lower your eyes to look at him and smile politely. Check it out again and give it your most interesting look.
Kiss him! Who says a man should take the first step? You want to kiss, why not kiss him first? Guys are usually upset, a girl is standing next to them whatever they want, so why not take the first kiss with pressure? Confidence is interesting. Law!

Verbal cues

The flirt will tell the guy that he is attractive to you. Make fun of him, tease him (but not rude). You can annoy her with the fact that you haven't kissed her yet (this is a direct sign that you want to kiss her).

Flirt "in the middle of the line". Messy, fun conversations are a way to make it clear that being fun and interesting to you makes him think about you even when you are not together. Don't stress over your boyfriend with a conversation that makes you think about something unpleasant, disturbing.
Let him feel confident by your side. Inspire him with the belief that he is the sexiest, strongest boy in the world. This highly confident person will dare to kiss you.

Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Appreciate his fitness. Or simply say, "I like your eyes." This will increase his self-esteem.
Tell her to kiss. Sometimes you just have to say what you want directly. If you are desperate to create a sign, the time has come for just one kiss. Just keep in mind that there are opinions on both sides. On the one hand, you get instant answers (and can kiss you) but on the other hand, the answer to this question may be "no". He is really male hesitant, probably should work on his own, daring to kiss you. Or he is not your only person, you do not have to lose your head because of him. “Sea of ​​Kisses” floats many more interesting fish.

You can ask her about sexy kisses. For example, when you get close to it (described in the first part), remove the earlobe and gently whisper in his voice: "Kiss me." And this light touch of the lips with an ear and a bold demand will not detect the shyness of your lover.
Don’t use too much gloss or lip balm, it makes the kiss unpleasant, sticky.
Make sure he is alone before implementing the above suggestions. If that doesn't happen, it's still a way to get more involved.

The guy doesn't want to kiss you, he doesn't have to. Let everything be as it is.
Don't try, one feels left with a broken heart, so a man doesn't kiss you, maybe he's not ready, and maybe it's not just the protagonist of his novel. Look around, there are lots of cool people around.
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