Here are five benefits of regular sex

Here are five benefits of regular sex: Getting close to each other by taking some time out after a busy day. Intensely recognizing each other in the..
Getting close to each other by taking some time out after a busy day. Intensely recognizing each other in the extreme moment of caress. Understanding each other's secrets at the height of physical intimacy is also the secret of each other's minds. But in the case of humans, sex is not limited to just that! On the contrary, there are some sexual benefits that take care of the health! Studies have shown that couples who are happy and have regular sex are more likely to be physically and mentally healthy than others! Some common diseases are far away from them! Surprised? If so, keep reading!

Here are five benefits of regular sex

Stay away from diseases

Colds, fever sometimes you suffer? All these diseases are frequent but your body's immunity is not so strong. You know, regular sex can help you strengthen your immune system. Researchers report that once or twice a week.

For those who are sexually active, their ability to produce antibodies is greatly increased. Antibodies are our body's first immune system. Antibodies do not allow the common pathogenic viruses, bacteria and other germs to settle in our body. So the next time you have a cold, don't take vitamin C and garlic pills like murmurki, but make a close moment in bed! Sex life will become colorful, fever will not be able to approach!

Keeps the heart healthy

Doctors say that if you walk 20 minutes a day, you will get the same results from one sex session. There is a lot of physical activity during cardio exercise. Sex is not so hard at all, but experiments have shown that the active partner's heart rate increases to 120 beats per minute during sex. The heart rate remains the same during any light exercise. So we can compare sex with light exercise, and all the benefits of exercise can give you physical intimacy. Excessive emotional satisfaction! What do you think, you still need motivation?

The key to glowing skin

For those who engage in regular sex, their skin is much more radiant and full of youth. Physical intimacy increases the body's blood circulation, resulting in more oxygen reaching the skin. As a result, toxins are released from the body through sweat. Naturally the skin looks much more shiny, shiny. Not only that, sex is also an infallible tool to turn the thorns of age upside down. Because regular sex increases the amount of collagen production in the skin, resulting in age-related blemishes, wrinkles or loosening of the skin. Those who have regular sex have higher levels of estrogen and testosterone. Estrogen increases skin tightness, radiance, and muscle strength, and testosterone maintains bone health, which inevitably results in youthful skin and a radiant, healthy appearance. Age is forced to show less, right?

Relief from pain

Do not play twelve of the body by taking khamoka painkiller, but rely on caress. Research shows that the chemicals that are produced in the body through physical intimacy, touch, foreplay and intercourse keep away the feeling of pain. You can easily get rid of a number of ailments like abdominal cramps, migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches before menstruation. Hormones like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins are secreted in the body during orgasm during intercourse. These hormones mix with the blood to reduce the feeling of pain and awaken the feeling of joy. This is why after sex, both the body and the mind feel clean.

In search of deep sleep

Try to get involved in a little physical before going to bed next time without taking a handful of sleeping pills! You will see that sleep will come easily. After sex, the level of oxytocin in the blood increases and the amount of cortisol decreases. The effects of the hormone oxytocin increase your attraction to your partner. Cortisol, on the other hand, is a stress hormone, so when cortisol is depleted, the mind becomes stress-free, relaxed, creating an overall feeling of well-being. Body and mind, both come to sleep early because of calm. So eliminate sleeping pills from your life, instead bring warmth to bed. The body will be good, as well as the closeness of your mind will increase, marital life will be happy, joyful!
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