Here are 10 reasons why men are attracted to breasts

Here are 10 reasons why men are attracted to breasts: Most women are picky about wearing underwear. But you know, what is the reason for such an....
Most women are picky about wearing underwear. But you know, what is the reason for such an irresistible attraction of men to the chest? In a report published in the Huffington Post, experts found several reasons.

Here are 10 reasons why -

1. First of all, the shapely breasts of a beautiful woman are very beautiful to look at. No matter what the shape, men will be attracted by the beauty of a woman's breasts. The shape of the breasts adds a unique dimension to a woman's personality. Although it sounds a bit bad, the part of the woman's body where men's eyes are first glued is the chest.
2. Breasts are the symbol of femininity. There is not much division in the male body. His physical constitution is simple. On the other hand, the most attractive part of a woman's body is her breasts. That 'curve' is a symbol of femininity, pride, sometimes even arrogance. And that's why Tolly actresses, from Holly to Ducksite, are always on top of breast size. If necessary, they do not hesitate to use knives and scissors to increase the size of the breast.
3. Since time immemorial, men have been attracted to well-formed and fertile female bodies. Experts say that the breasts of women whose breasts are well formed, high and full, ignite the spark of desire in the minds of men. Aside from the physical, there are also some mental reasons behind it. As I said earlier, the idea that the breasts of fertile and fertile women would be beautiful has been ingrained in the minds of men since time immemorial. Therefore, all women who have curvaceous breasts are preferred by men as escorts.
4. There are several differences in the physical constitution between men and women. Not all differences are usually understood from the outside. In that case, the 'shape' and 'size' of women's breasts can be guessed from the outside. If such a structure is formed, men's eyes are fixed in that direction. The fire of desire began to burn in the minds of men. In costume parlance it's called 'visual stimulation'. That is, men begin to arouse their arousal as soon as they see the structure of the breast.
5. Your breasts are the gateway to the inner chamber of the female body. Men's sexual arousal is aroused by touching the nipples before intercourse. Orgasm begins. Little by little, the fire of desire began to spread throughout his body. Hormonal activity increases a lot at once.
6. In the case of 'foreplay' before full mating, the pair of breasts match. Most men don't know how to play without breasts before intercourse, experts say. Men who specialize in intercourse love to play with their breasts, especially their nipples.
7. Men also like to touch the female part because of the shape and elasticity of the breasts. Here, experts point out a special nature of women. Most women feel responsible for men touching their lover's or wife's breasts with great care and love.
8. Breastfeeding is one of the most mysterious places in the female body. From the moment men's eyes go to her breasts, they begin to have erotic thoughts. He began to think about the actual shape of the breasts under women's clothing. As long as there is no mystery about breasts, that thought haunts a normal man.
9. The real fun of cleavageless breasts is the dirt. Men are deeply attracted to women who wear low-cut tops or bold dresses. However, in the event that the division of women is not so obvious, men love the whole body.
10. Men find refuge in the chest for various reasons. She loves to lie down with her head on her breasts after a long day of work, depression, stress and tension. Research shows that people who listen to their partner's breasts for at least 15 minutes every day live longer and stay healthier.
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