7 natural ways to enlarge breasts

7 natural ways to enlarge breasts, Now the breasts can be enlarged naturally, without the need for surgery. Usually the standard breast size for girls
Now the breasts can be enlarged naturally, without the need for surgery. Usually the standard breast size for girls 34-36 years old. However, many breasts are smaller in size. But there is no one pair of shapely breasts that is the right size to express true beauty. Big breasts make girls attractive. Today most women understand the importance of breasts.

Many people are looking for rules to make their breasts bigger and more beautiful or are already adopting many methods. This item is for those whose breast size is less than 34-36. Here's how to put one together to use with your breasts:

1. Warm your hands by rubbing and lightly pressing both hands under your breasts, and massage your right hand clockwise and your left hand counterclockwise. When you wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night, massage 100-300 times in this way for 10-15 minutes. Breast size may increase slightly within a month.
2. There are some special breast exercises for girls like: bench press, butterfly press, bookdowns by doing them regularly to increase blood flow to breast tissue. The chest muscles will have the correct shape and will straighten the breasts. It works a lot like the way bodybuilders build muscle. Do this again by reaching out with both hands several times a day.
3. Eat nutritious and healthy food, get plenty of sleep at night.
4. While taking a bath in the bathroom, massage around the breasts with your hands for 10/15 minutes. If you want, you can use a little mustard oil or pure honey, heating it slightly during the massage. If your body is slim, then fix your body by eating balanced food for 2/3 months. Milk, eggs, fruits will benefit from a little more play. Try to stay carefree. As the body grows, so will your breasts.
5. From the moment you start to exercise and massage to enlarge your breasts, please stop using breast enlargement creams (if you have been using breast enlargement creams before starting the massage). Because this type of cream does not usually work. Also, do not take any breast enlargement pills. These have side effects. The use of these creams/pills can cause breast cancer.
6. You need to wear the correct size bra. Otherwise, the breasts may fall off.
7. Measure your breasts every one to two weeks, wear tight-fitting clothing, and wear the right cup size bra. There is also breast implant surgery to enlarge the breasts. It is better not to say that it is not natural and that this method is expensive.
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