Wifi signal problem, Fix Wi-Fi connection problems?

WiFi speed: At present, the WiFi router is a very important device. Since WFH is running, almost everyone has a router at home. The wifi router has multiple advantages. It is possible to run multiple devices from such an Internet connection. It is possible to run multiple devices including phones, multiple laptops, multiple desktops, smart TVs on a single internet connection. But it also has some problems. That is, if the Wifi router is not installed in the right place, then there is a problem in getting the signal. As a result, the net speed is low. It is possible to get rid of it very easily. But how to get rid of this problem? It is possible to increase the capacity of the Wifi router by following some very simple rules. Learn those rules-

Always place the wifi router in the middle of the house.

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One thing that many may not know is that Wifi routers do not point to any specific address. The router starts giving signals at equal distances around the corner. If a router is placed in one of the corners of the house, it may be difficult to get the signal in the opposite corner of the house. So it is always necessary to keep the Wi-Fi router in the middle of the house. Because it is possible to get the same network speed from anywhere in the house.

Care must be taken to ensure there are no obstructions to the signal.

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If there is a wall or metal object, the Wifi router cannot transmit the signal properly. So the Wifi router should be placed in a place where there are no conduits in any wall or ceiling. This can cause problems receiving the signal. Therefore, the Wifi router should not be installed in the part of the house where the conduit is.

Routers should be kept away from any electronic devices and appliances.

The router should be kept away from any device such as TV, refrigerator or Bluetooth always on. This is because having a router with these devices can affect the performance of the router. Internet speed may be reduced.

Keep the router away from other radio waves.

Most routers use the 2.4 Ghz wireless band. In that case, if there is Bluetooth or any other wireless device near the router, it is likely to affect Wifi performance.

The wifi router should be kept away from the mirror

For good performance of any Wifi router, the device should be kept away from the mirror. Because the Wifi signal is reflected through the mirror. That is why you should keep the Wifi router away from the mirror.

The wifi router should be placed in a high place.

Any Wi-Fi always signals from top to bottom. So the higher the Wifi router, the better the speed. And if you put the router at the bottom, the speed drops.

The position of the wifi antenna must be kept correct.

Every router has at least one antenna. In some cases there is more than one. In cases where there is more than one antenna, two antennas should be placed vertically. It is possible to get more internet speed.
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