How To Index A Blog Post Search Engine Quickly?

A blog post cannot be expected to get search engine visitors in any way until it is indexed in the search engine. The sooner your blog post is indexed by other search engines, including Google, the sooner your blog can get organic traffic from search engines.

After sharing a new post to a blog, the longer it takes for the post to be indexed, the later visitors will find your post. In this case, if it's a news blog, the post will become stale before the visitor finds your post. As a result, your post will be left without visitors.

In today's post we will focus more on how to quickly index the post in Google search engine. Because if you can only increase Google search engine traffic, you will easily get success. We'll also show you how to quickly index a blog post on Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines.

What is search engine index?

Indexing is a process of storing information over the Internet in the search engine's database. The index is the last step in the search engine data collection process. Normally, search engines perform indexing work by indexing the search rank of a web page in order to learn more about the article/information on a web page and analyze the quality of that web page after completing the whole process. storage of your data in the database.

But all these things are not done by any human being. The whole process is done by Google Bot/Robot. Google bot is a type of software. We will talk about this later in the post. Because to get a complete idea about the index, you need to know the above steps of indexing.

How does the search engine index work?

As I said before, if you want to know about Index and get the blog post indexed quickly, you need to know the whole process of indexing. Otherwise, a blogger will not understand the importance and necessity of indexing. Most of the new bloggers avoid this topic due to lack of knowledge about the index, thus they cannot increase the traffic from the search engine in a short time.
How To Index A Blog Post Search Engine Quickly?
If you look carefully at the image above, you will understand the process of indexing. Below we will simply break down the process in the image above for the convenience of everyone's understanding.

What is crawling?

Search engine crawler is a type of software. Google has called it a search engine bot, robot and spider. This crawler or bot constantly collects information by visiting the links of all new and old blogs/websites online. Crawler is basically a software that collects initial ideas about different blogs to be online.

Search engine web crawlers first visit a blog and get an idea of ​​the entire article and post content. Even then, the posts are parsed and sent to the Data Storage Center for indexing. The Google bot re-scans a post thoroughly with a detailed idea of ​​the post, determines its search ranking, and ranks it in the data center.

Lastly, when someone enters a keyword and searches in the search engine, the search engine constantly displays ranked posts for the searched keyword from its database in the search results. Google looks at many types of ranking factors to perform an ongoing process of displaying a post on a search engine results page. It analyzes all the facts and shows the searcher constantly on the search engine results page of the most accurate, suitable and good quality publications.

Why is it necessary to index a blog?

The simple answer to this question is that if you want to increase the number of visitors by displaying on your blog search engine results page, then of course you need Index. I have said before that search engines will not store your posts in their unindexed database.

And if there is no post or information from your blog in the search engine database, you cannot expect to get search engine traffic. Indexing has no alternative but to submit a new blog to search engines. As you can see in the image below, a new blog post from my blog was crawled and indexed in just 35 minutes and made it to the Google search engine.

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