Free professional blogging course

This article is for you if you want to learn free professional blogging. From this course you will get complete guidelines for creating blog blogs.

You can easily start blogging through these two writing and video themes.

Then let's get started… ..

Blogging Course Episode - 1
How to sign up from blogpost. That topic has all been discussed. You can learn by watching the first video.
  • Picking a blogging name
  • Blogging description
  • Blogging category
  • Blog site title
  • Blog display name
Blogging Course Episode - 2
The second episode discusses blog seating in detail.
  • Blogging title
  • Blog description
  • The language of the blog
  • The Google Analytics property ID
  • Custom Domain Name Setting
Blogging Course Episode - 3
The third part of learning blogging has been done, with the blogging theme.
  • Blogging theme selection
  • Blogging background
  • Customization background image
  • Blog color change
  • Size of blog writing
  • Writing color change
Blogging Course Episode - 4
This episode is based on the layout of a blog post. Your website post, where to place the page is discussed in detail.
  • Contact form
  • Blog search
  • Blog title
  • Google Adsense
  • Blog footer
  • Blog header
Blog Course Episode - 5
With this video you will learn how to create the necessary pages for a blog.
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy
Blog Course Episode - 7
By watching this video you can learn how to create a blog post. E.g.,
  • H1, H2, H3, H4, etc headlines made.
  • Create font color.
  • Hyper sex
  • List
  • Make font size bigger and smaller
  • Linking from one page of the blog to another
  • Text background color change
  • Image upload
  • Writing position change
Click on the link below to create a blogger website.

Last word

After watching the videos above, you can create a good blogspart blog site. If you still have any problems you can contact us.

If you can't create a BlogSport site at once. We will create your blog site without any payment.
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